Our superhero!

Our superhero!
Our superhero!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Lots of improvements :)

Ethan has been continually improving over the last week.  A week ago, he could barely crawl.  Yesterday he walked all the way across the family room!  He is continually gaining strength and energy.  He still doesn't dare to walk too far by himself without a hand to hold, but it gets better and better each day.

He is also eating better.  He has been without his feeding tube since Friday.  It fell out, so we tried to let him eat on his own.  He has reverted back to baby food, and banana yogurt, but we are just happy that he is eating.  We all cheer for him with each bite he takes.  He also drinks a TON of whole milk, which helps with the calorie intake!

We have one more chemo treatment on Wednesday, and then we will be in the middle of this second phase.  He will get a couple weeks break to let his blood counts come back up, and then he will do a repeat of this month.  We are dreading ARA-C (the chemo that makes him REALLY sick), but we are still grateful for it, as it makes him better in the long run.  I will just be glad when it is over :)

As always, we are SO grateful for the support that continually pours in.  We love you all!   

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