Our superhero!

Our superhero!
Our superhero!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

High dosage methotrexate

We are back inpatient doing high dosage methotrexate. This consists of doing 1/2 hour of a very concentrated dose, and that is immediately followed by a less concentrated dose that runs consistently over the next 23 1/2 hours. This chemo can easily damage the kidneys and bladder, so they have to make sure he goes to the bathroom every 2 hours (the chemo is in your urine), including the night. If the chemo sits in his bladder for longer than that, it can cause problems. If he is unable to go, they give him extra fluids to MAKE him go. Needless to say, we are both a little tired this morning!

We will wait for his chemo to finish, and then we will have to stay until his methotrexate levels are back down to where they won't cause damage. They said we will probably go home Saturday.

After this, they will wait for his counts to come back up, and then do another bone marrow aspirate to see if he is in remission yet. If he is, we will start the process of the bone marrow transplant. If he is not, we will move on to the next phase.

As the doctor put it yesterday, "the next phase is a pretty big one." He will be doing two days of inpatient, then go home for 5 days, and then come back in for more treatment and stay until his counts recover, which could be 3-4 weeks. The part I dread about this phase is the chemo he will be doing, called ARA-C. He had a REALLY hard time with this one last time he did it. He had a fever, and was extremely nauseated. This time, the dosage will be even higher than last time. I am praying he is in remission, and will get to skip this round!

Other than this, everyone has been doing well. I know the other kids struggle sometimes with having the family separated, and fear of what will happen to Ethan, but I am grateful for a loving husband that reassures them that it is ok to be sad and afraid, and teaches them how to deal with their emotions.

I am also grateful to the Young Women in our ward who put on a yard/bake sale to raise funds for our family. The extra expenses of driving back and forth, and food at the hospital, etc. certainly add up, and that has been a HUGE blessing to us. I am so grateful for all the support we have been given emotionally, financially, and every other way! We have been truly blessed!

I am grateful again for the gospel. I have seen evidence that is too sacred to put on a blog that our Heavenly Father has spoken to our little Ethan in ways that a 3 year old can understand, and has shown him that He loves him, and is here for him. It does my heart good to know that he is being comforted through this trial that no one should have to go through, let alone a 3 year old.

Thank you all again for your love and concern!

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