Our superhero!

Our superhero!
Our superhero!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Ethan received his first dose of chemo on Friday.  He threw up a couple of times on Saturday morning, but the anti-nausea medicine seems to be doing it's job now.  He even ate 3 bags of fruit snacks today.  He's become a very helpful patient, lifting up his leg for the nurse to scan his tag, and turning his head the right way for them to take his temperature.  He doesn't have much energy, but he has been talking.

After just the one dose of chemo, his white blood cell count is normal.  It went from 140,000 to 5,000. His blast count was at 89% and it has dropped to 33%, which is also normal.

His platelet count was 11, so today, he had a platelet transfusion, and a blood transfusion.  His platelet count should be at 150.  These procedures should help with that.

Merrill and Jenn are going to e-mail me Ethan's other numbers, so I will try to post those when I get them, for those of you who are medically inclined.

They continue to be blown away by the generosity of all of their friends and family.  Jenn has mentioned several times that she definitely feels as though the people in their lives are demonstrating what it means to, "bear one another's burdens."

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