Our superhero!

Our superhero!
Our superhero!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First Day Home!

This is Jen- I was going to send Lisa an email to update, but figured I might as well just put it on here!

Ethan had a good night last night. He was walking around for the first time since last Tuesday. He was a little weak & wobbly, but has steadily improved throughout the day today. Last night he was unable to walk up the stairs because he was so weak, and this afternoon he was climbing onto the couch to sit by me!

We got his home health set up today so I can flush his central line. Along with that, he has 5 prescriptions to take! Hopefully I can keep it all straight!

Ethan will get a new central line put in on Friday called a port. It will be under his skin, and will be accessed by a needle. This will be easy maintenance in that we don't have to changes bandages or flush the line each day, and it will make it possible for him to take baths, swim, etc without having to worry about it!

For those who care or understand, Ethan's counts when we left the hospital were as follows:
White blood- 3.0, ANC (fighter cells)- .5, platelets, 50, blasts- 7%, HGB- 12.1, HCT 34.2
Hooray for transfusions!

I also wanted to thank everyone personally for all of the amazing support we have been given! I thought I had seen it all as far as people's generosity, but I realize now that it was just the tip of the iceberg! Family has been so amazing, and friends and neighbors have offered endless support! We love you all and will forever be indebted to you:)

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