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Our superhero!
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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Medical Info

Hi,  to avoid any confusion, beginning today, these posts are being written by me, Lisa Wilson, a friend of the VanLeuvens.  Jenn asked me to write the updates until things settle down a bit, and she is able to do it herself.

Here is the medical info and explanation.  Merrill sent it to me.  I will post it in his own words.

WBC= white blood cells (measured in thousands, e.g. 24.1 is 24,100. Normal is 5,000 to 11,000)
ANC is absolute neutriphil count. These are fighter white blood cells that fight off infections (1.5 to 8.5 is normal, measured in thousands e.g. 1.9 is 1,900)
Blast cells are malignant cells and should be 0. Measured in %
PLT are platelets (150 to 400 is normal)
Hgb is hemoglobin or red blood cells (normal is 10.5 to 13.5)
Hct is hematocrit another type of red blod cell (normal is 33 to 39)

White blood cells, neutrophils, and blast cells should all eventually go to zero during chemotherapy. The bone marrow should generate new WBC and neutriphil.

When Ethan came to Primary Children's his counts were as follows:
WBC=140.0 or 140,000
Not sure about the specifics on the others. Platelets were very low, explaining the low energy last Tuesday and early Wednesday and the bruising.

Yesterday Ethan's counts were as follows:
WBC= 24.1 or 24,100
ANC=1.9 or 1,900

Today's counts:
WBC=5.1 or 5,100
ANC=1.0 or 1,000

Ethan did get platelets and blood today, so those red blood cell numbers should go up for tomorrow.  Because he did get blood today, he will be monitored closely for infections or issues with antibodies from the donated blood.  But his color is back!

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  1. Lol! LOTS of info! Hopefully you got that:) I would have been clueless 5 days ago:)